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The Quest with Nathan Jones


In 2012, Laurence has been collaborating with contemporary writer and performer Nathan Jones and Mercy.

The resulting work, The Quest, took the form of a subtle intervention on buses in Liverpool on 4th December.  

An experimental language performance delivered via the medium of the overheard phone conversation….

Three people board a bus.  One by one, their phones ring and they answer them.  Their speech, although having the intonation and address of a conversation, is freakish and absurd, containing a hybrid of the emotive, the mundane, the political and philosophical with what appears to be a kind of public-sector slang.  Responses from passengers on the bus vary and fluctuate between annoyance, amusement, bewilderment and a contented acquiesence to this uncanny new reality.  As the three conversations come together, a disjointed, but local and political imperative emerges and the three people alight at the next stop.