• Breathing Blue

Breathing Blue – Community session in Wythenshave library

Laurence Payot is working with patients and researchers in partnership with the Public Programmes Team, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, to explore the topic of breathing, breathlessness and research. This will result in the creation of a new body of work, Breathing Blue, which will be presented at The Forum, Wythenshave, on 21 June (Clean air day).

On 13 March, she invited patients from Wythenshave Hospital and the general public to talk about air, breathing, and about Wythenshave, the utopian garden city now surrounded by roads and planes – to share stories, hopes and dreams.

> Ryan, 7 years old, a little boy with asthma, interviewed older people with breathing conditions. Interviews available soon.

> People were invited to create marbling painting to think about the invisible we breathe, what colour air might be and how it makes us feel.

> With artist and poet Scott Farlow, people created a collected poem.

The findings from this session will feed directly into the creation of the final artwork.