• People Pavilion

Photographs of People Pavilion by Angela Catlin

Together with local choirs from across Glasgow and choir leaders Cath Campbell and Harry Campbell, artist duo Ailie Rutherford and Laurence Payot surprised audiences in unexpected public spaces with a mobile architecture and walking, singing sculpture: People Pavilion.

People Pavilion is an on-going participatory project. Wherever it travels to, local groups of people are invited to make it their own by re-defining its shape and purpose. For Festival 2018, Ailie and Laurence worked with Duncan Perkins to create an ambitious new pop-out version of People Pavilion, with local choirs inhabiting the structure.

The choir created for the project was named “Strength in Unity’, it was made of a mix of people from different backgrounds, invited to sing songs celebrating solidarity, equality and diversity, to create a more politicised space within the 2018 festival, part of Glasgow European Championships.

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