• The Space Between Me

The Space Between Me – Poem – A never-ending dance of Unknown stars and moons – created with artist/poet Scott Farlow




Consider this…

We are all galaxies made of stardust.
Together we are galaxies within bigger galaxies.
Stardust is inside us,
Stardust is all around us.
The moon is so bright;
It is brighter than a night-light.
And in every star there are different universes.
Universes are infinite and never-ending. Timeless.
Our own world is a universe
And we are all universes within universes.

Our sun is the heart of our solar system,
It is the hottest hot – DO NOT TOUCH,
It is a big star – our nearest star
That holds it all together.

Black Holes are found in outer space – OUT THERE.
But they are not empty space.
They suck things in – even light – and don’t let them out of
A never-ending loop, an event horizon, where time stands still.


The cosmos is the universe,
And we are tiny universes in a much bigger universe,
Where everything revolves around
Everything else.

Stars are luminous dots in the sky.
There are millions and billions and trillions of them – THOUGH NO-ONE REALLY KNOWS.
And if you joined them all together
You would make a picture of anything and everything that ever was, ever is and ever will be and all that is known and unknown.

Space is unknown – it seems so near, but is far far away.
Space is scary – but it sparks our imaginations
And is inspiring and never ending and full of cool things.
Full of life times and life lines, life and lifelessness.

Like us, all the stars are different;
Some are brighter, some are hotter;
Some are bigger, some are smaller,
Some are old, some are young and they appear in a multitude of different colours.

In space, there is no electricity,
But it is full of lights. And energy. Expanding and accelerating.
And coldness and darkness and more questions
Than answers:

– Are there really aliens? What do they look like? Do they tell jokes? Do they make music?
– What would happen if the sun froze?
– How much of space is unknown?
– What would it be like to paint in space?
– Do stars move?
– If you let go of an item in space, where would it go?
– How do you eat a wrap in space?

We think that space is empty,
But it isn’t.
We think that space is silent,
But it isn’t…

Shhhhhh…………..what can you hear?

Stardust, planets and cosmos everywhere,
The constellations are here and there, Near and far, where
Light travels faster than a car.

Infinite movement,
A never-ending dance of
Unknown stars and moons,
Of rivers and lakes. And ancestry, community and family

We are all of stardust,
Inside and outside,
Past, present and future time,
Timeless timelessness.

And here we are on planet earth,
Our only known home – living and breathing –
Teeny and tiny and precious.
So we need to look after it now.

Close your eyes. Think about this,
The stardust within you, the stardust without you.
We come from the stars and return to the stars. We are all connected.

Now make a wish.