• The Space Between Me

The Space Between Me – Talking about Start dust – with artist/ poet Scott Farlow

The Space Between us a commission for the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, a collaboration between Laurence Payot, choreographer Stacey Atkinson, Film-Maker Tim Brunsden and artist/poet Scott Farlow, which will result in a short film, check festival website for details.
We are all galaxies made of stardust. Together we are galaxies within bigger galaxies.

Recent findings about the universe have stretched our understanding of the world as we know it – Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go? What are we made of? Where does ‘home’ fit in the greater scheme of things? What is the ‘greater’ scheme of things? What does it look like?

‘The space between me’ will face 15 young children from different cultures with complex contemporary concepts about the universe, inviting them to re-invent our existing cultural myths and imagine new ways to think about our place in the world.

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