• Call of the Sea

The Making of a Contemporary Mermaid – design sent by Blackpool and the Flyde student

Design by Golda Marcella, fashion student at the Blackpool and the Flyde Academy:
“My aim with this illustration is to demonstrate a stereotypical Blackpool female character that subtly incorporated all the elements in the brief (strength, power, hopes for the future of the climate…)
Fish scales on one side.
Star fish earring.
Hair platt is symbolic of a fish and the end of the plait also gives a discreet mermaid feel.
Parker jacket:
The primary reason I picked a Parker Jacket was because it never dates, it is fashionable and incorporates a hood protecting from the elements wind/rain.
On the Parker jacket are shells representing aquatic life.
The colour of the Parker coat represent a sea wave which is blue and white. Starting from the bottom of the coat on both sides up to the top of the hood.
The white on the top of the hood represent hope which is part of the wave.
The Shell Scales:
Are made from oyster shells to promote balance or in-balance. Which should give a clear message regarding climate emergency. 
The Starfish Compass:
On the back of the Parker Jacket the compass is made from three starfish being placed on top of each other. This represents moving forward or going in the right direction.
The trident of Poseidon:
Was used as the dial on the compass.
Poseidon’s Trident has the power over the sea while it also makes tsunamis and waves, along with sea foam. He can calm the water or make it roar. If Poseidon strikes the Earth with his trident, a catostraphic earthquake will happen. This is a symbolic message regarding climate emergency.
The Anchor is a symbol of  – security, stability, and being grounded. It is a symbol demonstrating that a person is in tune with themselves and hold on to the values they believe in.”