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Looking for an Art Producer / Co-Ordinator


Art producer / co-ordinator to work with artist Lou Chapelle
1 to 2 days a week
Rate to be discussed with the applicant depending on level of experience.
Deadline Friday 4th February 2022 end of day.

I am looking for a freelance art producer / co-ordinator, or someone working on behalf of an arts organisation, to help deliver some projects I have coming up and also promote and manage the touring of existing and future works.

The role is for either someone with experience or from someone who is keen to develop their skills. As the role is so ‘wide and flexible’ in nature (covering multiple tasks, from promotion, to managing, and helping with engagement), it needs to be someone who is happy to adapt and help with various aspects of the projects as they arise.

Up until now I have been working with producers/co-ordinators on specific projects and commissions, and/or managing myself, but I would like to develop a longer work relationship with someone who could help me be more ambitious, with the aim to reaching more audiences in public settings, and also create large scale public work/ projections.

The role would involve a mix of tasks including:
– liaising with galleries/ festivals to promote the work.
– overall management of specific projects, from production to presentation and liaising with collaborating artists / curators /production companies.
– helping with engagement co-ordination, liaising with community groups, booking venues, recruiting participants.
– helping with promotion/ social media (desirable not essential)

The main skills required are:
– people’s skills (both face-to-face and through online communication)
– very organised
– a good understanding of the art world, and ideally of art in public settings
– someone who is happy to go with the flow and adapt, as the social nature of my work can make the process fluid.

A bit more about me:
The main elements in my work are the social aspect of the making and design process, and the digital elements in its final presentation. I most often work with groups of people to create each work, co-making with both local communities and other artists/ creatives. The outcomes are weaved into narratives that mix poetry, dance, costume making, sound, all with a folkloric/ ritualistic feel. The final artworks have taken many forms in the past, but my focus in now on the medium of video, and experimenting with exciting ways to curate such content (e.g. holograms, large scale projections, layering). The videos allow me to capture collaborative and ever-changes responses from participants. The projections allow me to reach audiences out of gallery settings. From participants to viewers, it is a collective dialogue.

The projects we would need to work on imminently are:
– Co-ordination of the new phase of the work Voicing Silence (see detailed specific application here), funded by the Arts and Humanity Research Council and commissioned by University of Leeds.
– Creation of ‘packs’/ proposals to promote ideas for existing and future works, focusing on light festivals in the UK, part of a ‘Developing Your Creative Practice Grant’ by Arts Council England.

Please get in touch by Friday 4th February 2022 end of day, and send anything you would like to support your application (CV, short letter of up to 500 words/3000 characters, links to websites) to I’ll arrange a Zoom chat with selected applicants on the week starring 7th February.



(Image – Drawing by Lou Chapelle based on Marina Abamovic’s performance)