• Butterflies in the Chaos

Butterfly in the Chaos – design session – planning young people’s workshops – with young people

Hope Streets is a five year project creating a strategic partnership between heritage and youth sectors in the North West.

Laurence Payot has been invited to work with young people in Sefton to imagine new ways of living together. (Images above from initial online consultation workshop)

While we are all in a cocoon, wouldn’t it be a chance to reinvent how we wish society could become? Could we spread hope for change through simple gestures and ideas to transform the way we think, the way we do, the way we are, the way we communicate, the way we relate and exchange.

Like a caterpillar, we’ve eaten and consumed so much. Now we are forced to slow down, forced to reflect on the things that matter to us most. What do we want to be when we come out of our shell again, what shape and colour will our wings take when we open them again, as if for the first time?


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