• Voicing Silence

Voicing Silence – Movement workshop with families

Voicing Silence is an artistic response aiming to understand how the public feels about the 6th global mass extinction we are experiencing today. It questions how we ought to represent it, how to make sense of it and what new languages are need to express and address it.

Part of a wider project, Thinking Through Extinction, and working in partnership with Manchester Museum and University of Leeds, artist Laurence Payot and a team of artists are inviting you to collaborate and contribute to a video piece that will be presented online and at Manchester Museum late 2020/early 2021

Below are movements and drawings of movements created during an online workshop session, by Katarzyna, Franek, Szymon, Kirsty, Indigo, Ryan, Daniel, Anna and Dominic, with guest artist Stacey Atkinson.

20200629_194916 copy

20200629_194924 copy

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