• You make me feel good.

You make me feel good – Activity – Remember a time when you danced.

Laurence Payot is currently working with Heart of Glass on a new project ‘You make me feel good.‘, commissioned as part of the Creative People and Places and Loneliness Project, with collaborating artists Scott Farlow, Laura Spark and Stacey Atkinson.

You make me feel good.’ is a project aiming to give form to our feelings about human connection, something most of us have missed so much during this pandemic. When something so banal – yet so crucial for our happiness and sense of self- is taken away from us, it makes us re-evaluate what’s important for us as individuals but also as a society. Family, friends, work colleagues, members of a group, acquaintances, neighbours and passers-by are all part of a web that defines who we are, and without it we can feel lost and incomplete. So let’s celebrate those amazing feelings, remembers happy times and look forward to socialising again.

Remember a time when you danced…
danced with someone you love, danced with strangers in dark rooms…
Write a few words or a poem; or draw a picture.
What is it about dancing that make us feel so connected?

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A little hut by the beach, on holiday, the only time I saw my ex-wife dance…

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“Dancing makes you feel alive” (Susan)

“I like barn dancing, do-si-do, dos-à-dos (French for back to back), Ladies’ chain…”