• The Cosy Jumper

The Cosy Jumper – “A Collective Poem”

Below is a collective poem created with Scott Farlow in response to conversations during workshops at  Heald Farm Court and Foundry Whalf on 13th December 2021.

The Cosy Jumper is a project exploring human feelings of connections and togetherness, through knitting, poetry, sound, and movement. Lou Chapelle will hold a series of workshops that will lead to the creation of a video which will be presented in the public realm in January 2022. The Cosy Jumpers is a commission by Heart of Glass, working with Taurus Housing, residents from Foundry Wharf, and U3A, and inspired by a previous project: You make me feel good. Funded by Arts Council England, Creative People and Places program.

Artistic director Lou Chapelle
Film-maker Tim Brunsden
Sound artist Laura Campbell
Poet Scott Farlow
Choreographer Stacey Atkinson




Happiness is a child’s smile


Life is full of fun if you embrace it,

Death comes after life; a time of peace.


Sadness can be a lonely place


Pain of birth – life brings joy

Death comes to pain and loneliness


A memory, born in the now,

Alive in my mind, will never die.


I feel so lonely


My family make me proud


Love you so much it hurts


Love is all around

And all lives matter


Love you because you are you


Birth and arrival – life and death – love and friendship


You are my world


…..birth and death……death and birth…..


joy can be given with love


Life is for living

Death brings peace after living


You fulfilled my dreams



Note: The individual lines here were written by different participants during our conversations on 13th December about Cosy Jumper Hugs. They were subsequently, spontaneously, rapidly and randomly arranged to create this poem.