• Voicing Silence

Voicing Silence – Creative Team, a poem, a starting point

If I speak,
Who is listening?
What do they hear and what does it mean to them?

Dance with me
To the end of love

To create a new narrative,
Collective arts that will lower the shield,
That will query
And disrupt apathy.

Do you feel confident about the future?

We need to hear, without filter, the stories of those most affected by this (extinction) crisis,
We need to hear and feel our part in it:
In inequality, in injustice, in greed, in prejudice,
But also in resisting
With care,
In reconnection,
In regeneration.


The cyclical expectation
We may have had
Has now

become jarred


r o k


Like an extinct flower, plant, bird or animal,
Our own body will become extinct
One day.

It is inevitable.


Is it going to be sooner,



Or Later?

By natural causes,
Or external causes – those influenced by our own doing?

What if we can prolong our lives
By extending the life of nature
All around us?

While we still have breath and pulse
We still have time to
Dance to the end of love.

How can we align our instinct
To survive?

By dancing to the end of love?

How can we develop the language
To acknowledge and
To share
The loss and
The love?

Dance with us to the end.

How do we grow up
And out
Of the absence of cherished cultures, in order to
Share stories – theirs and ours –
And learn from one another?

Lower the shield and
Dance with us to the end of love.

Behind the glass,
Break through and
Out of the comfort zone,
Let the cold air in
With the feelings of guilt and helplessness
Pouring into our lungs
And challenging our (human) world

Past and future

Listen to the chorus at dawn
And let us dance together to the end of love.