• Be like water

A few facts about water – our body, wellbeing, pollution…

Lou Chapelle is planning to work with community groups in 2024 to explore “water”: our physical connection to water (we are made of 60% of it), its metaphorical meanings and folkloric stories (fluidity, shape-shifting, adaptability), and the political environmental issues surrounding water today (access to fresh water as human right, pollution of local water sources).

Below are a few reference articles:

Water Pollution

Water is arguably our most precious natural resource — yet pollution of our freshwater habitats runs rampant. In 2020, no river in England and Wales was classed as being in good overall health. Find out more about water pollution on The River Trust website:

Water in our body

By weight, the average adult human is approximately 60% water, and the average child is approximately 65% water. More about body water on Wikipedia:

The relaxing effects of water sounds

Water sounds can be stress reducing. As explained in the National Library of Medicine:

Water folklores

The Peg Power is a hag and water spirit who inhabits the river Tees, more info here.

The Nixie are shapeshifting water spirits who usually appear in human, or horse, form, more info here.

River gods, more info here.