Be Like Water

Lou Chapelle is creating a new piece for touring in 2024. Image and video above are from initial tests.

Be Like Water will be an immersive installation for outdoor UK festivals and public spaces, created with local communities.

It will consist in a series of 12 holographic mirrors of various sizes and heights, inviting viewers to pause for a moment, as they see their portraits intertwined with videos of moving water in various forms – splashing, flowing, evaporating…. with a soundtrack of multi-layered voices.

The piece will focus on water: our physical connection to water (we are made of 60% of it), its metaphorical meanings (fluidity, shape-shifting, adaptability), its relaxing and well being properties (water sounds/ light reflections), its healing power (curing water sources) and political environmental issues surrounding water today (access ro fresh water as human right, pollution of local water sources).