Bracknell Dusk Walkers

“During my first visit to Bracknell, I was inspired by the co-existence of urban spaces and woodlands, ivy growing on concrete roads, wild trees taking over people’s back gardens, shoppers walking home with plastic bags through the deep of the forest…
I had the feeling that the people of Bracknell could be ‘keepers of the forest”, that they might have a secret knowledge and understanding of the forest, as if the spirit of Herne the Hunter in the Great Windsor Forest was speaking to them. Maybe what was left of this ancient wood was still carrying something deep and invisible.
I decided to organise a series of night walks to search for this unknown. I was a guide, guided by the people who joined me. Our head torches came together to create a collective glow, a consensus on where to look. What we found was special and magical, a moment shared together, away from the fast pace of our everyday, reconnecting with nature, each other, and oneself. Thank you to those who joined me to make this happen.”
Laurence Payot

In this place,
At this moment.
Now gone.
But still present
A cycle, a dream,
A fascination
Within me.
Within you.
And always
In the trees.
And, perhaps,
Inspiring the spirit
Of a new tradition Here.


Wherever we look there is light.
And now silence.


Can you hear it?
The forest has fallen asleep….