Butterflies in the Chaos

During the quiet of the lockdown, The Atkinson and Lou Chapelle have been working with a group of young people from Sefton, to reflect, pause and reimagine the world that they want to live in. The process has resulted in an experimental film, acting as a crucial piece of documentation capturing young people’s experiences of lockdown.

Do you sometimes feel
like a butterfly in the chaos?

Small actions, in such a big world.
Does your voice matter?

What are you afraid of?

Will the amazon forest disappear?
Will pollution kill us?

Created through a process of image creation, the short film gathers the thoughts and feelings of this group of young people and situates them within a generation experiencing a pivotal time in our history; full of environmental and political uncertainties.

During an eight-week period, five Young Leaders – Sally Dugmore, Greg Hodge, Lisa McGrady, Max Regan and Shannon Weekes – were invited by Laurence Payot to run a series of online workshops for eight young people between 14 and 18 years old. With a focus on creativity, the workshops used everyday objects and settings to create the collaborative video work, against the backdrop of young people’s homes.