People Pavilion (Streetland)

People Pavilion is a temporary space that can pop up anywhere and at anytime, with multiple functions and shapes. Worn by people like a rucksack, individual pieces come together to become one. Selected community groups are invited to use the Pavilion for their own purpose.

“They started to move in closer and it became really intimate. Their humming voices became more and more vibrant, surrounding me from every side. It was quite an amazing experience.”

This ongoing project is the result of a collaboration by artists Laurence Payot and Ailie Rutherford developed as part of a residency at Streetland in Glasgow. With architect Anna Couch and performer Bob Moyler, they worked with a range of diverse groups to find out how a ‘human architecture’ could become ’emotional’, for the wearer of the piece and for the hosts entering the structure, and how its social function could challenge our perceptions of the use of public realm.

“People Pavilion is a ‘space in between’, where anything can happen.”