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The Alchemy Between Us – Presentation of work and open discussions at Tate Liverpool

‘The Alchemy Between Us’
Tate Exchange, at Tate Liverpool (1st floor gallery)
Sunday 11 December till Saturday 17 December

‘The Alchemy Between Us’  is a presentation of interactive works and series of events hosted by Laurence Payot in Tate Exchange, inviting gallery visitors and invited guests, scientists, artists, philosophers, writers to explore the invisible exchanges traded between artists and people through the medium of the artwork.

“Why do people need artworks?” is a daily open event. Artist Laurence Payot will present a number of videos, texts and ‘Living Sculptures’ (participatory works requiring the visitor’s activation) in the Tate Exchange gallery space. Each functioning as a catalyst for discussion and exchange, they will encourage visitors to interact and share their thoughts on the value of art (for example, how does art help us to make sense of the world, reveal hidden emotions, give us a sense of connection to others?). As a critical reflection on the nature of collaborative making, viewing and interaction, participants will be asked to think about what they stand to gain from such encounters. They will be invited to share their experience in a relaxed, informal setting, a process through which the communicative potential of art will be explored and tested. During the session, the artist will expose her techniques and processes of co-creation, asking participants to become more aware of their role as viewers, participants, instigators and collaborators.

Other events:
13 December : Why do artworks need people?
14 December: What happens in the process of creation-reception?
15 December: Art as Symbiosis