• The Bleach Packers

The Bleach Packers – call out for young people in Halton

Are you 15-19 years old? We’d like to invite you to be part of a creative project, “The Bleach Packers” exploring the industrial heritage of Halton and to co-design an amazing video projection event.

We’re looking for people to be involved in:
– poetry workshops
– sound workshops
– costume making workshops
– dance workshops

We are also looking for a team of ‘Creative Directors’ who will work closely with the artist, help shape the project and could undertake specific responsibilities such as:
– documentation of the project (photography or video)
– social media
– public engagement during the final presentation of projections

This is an amazing and unique work experience (and fun experience!), working as a team with creative professionals to deliver a big and real-life project. You will learn more about the local history of Halton and the chemical industries and help shape an ambitious artwork that will be seen by hundreds of people. It will also be a nice time to socialise with other young people in a relaxed environment.

The workshops will take place in October/November/December. There is no need to have a creative background or any experience as such, just the willingness to be involved and learn.

Please contact Laurence Payot for more info.