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The Dawn Chorus (part 1 – Planting the seeds)

The Dawn Chorus will be an artistic engagement based at THE CHAPEL (aka The chapel Gallery, recently taken over by a new team) in West Lancashire focusing on communities based in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale,  lead by artist Laurence Payot.

Exploring local flora, the project will ask the question: “What relationships do we have with the natural world today, in a place like West Lancashire?”.

A range of activities will take place in and out of the gallery, with an ever changing exhibition reflecting on the growing engagement process, and finally the creation of a newspaper.

5 artists will be invited to take part in week-long residencies to create work with people living and working in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale, through a range of events and activities on market days, in local shops, shopping centres, schools, community centres, local businesses, and through walks, discussions, public gatherings…

The project will aim to plant the seeds for future projects to take place in Ormskirk and surrounding area, using art to develop a new sense of place/belonging/identity, re-imagined by the people who live there.