• The Bleach Packers

The Bleach Packers – natural and rural landscapes

Below are images of Halton, from past and present.

Laurence Payot has been appointed by Halton Borough Council to create an ambitious artwork inspired by Halton chemical industry, and working with young people from the borough. Following a series of workshops in October/November 2021, the work will consist of large scale public projections, reinventing the stories of the Halton Bleach Packers and other trades of the chemical industry. More information and behind the scenes available here.

More information about Halton’s heritage can be found at Catalyst and on the Halton Heritage Partnership website


West Bank was created by the chemical industry – a close knit community that grew up alongside its factories, amongst its pollution and on top of its waste.


Runcorn Town Hall


Halton Village

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